Tim Brando is the host of CBS's college football studio show and a play by play man for the NCAA Tournament.  His daily radio show is also syndicated on CBS Sports Network each weekday.  You don't think of Tim Brando as someone likely to be embroiled in a massive donnybrook with one of the biggest fanbases in the country, but alas, that's what happened Tuesday because of way-out-of-left-field comments Brando made on his radio show.

Phase I – Tim Brando asked guest Aaron Taylor on his radio show if he could believe Urban Meyer's arrogance with Meyer's politicking to play for a Big Ten conference and/or division title.  There's just one problem with this line of questioning and the pair's bizarre rant against Meyer.  It never happened.  It never happened!  There's not one piece of evidence (as we'll see in Phase II) that depicts Meyer as whining or politicking to play for a title this season.  In fact, the news about Ohio State (and Penn State) being eligible for a division title was uncovered by ESPN Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg.  The video below has absolutely no basis whatsoever in reality


I don't know what Urban Meyer did to hurt Tim Brando and Aaron Taylor, but this is insane.  The messy way Urban Meyer left ESPN, pulling a Sgt. Schultz with the Ohio State job, was ridiculous.  However, there's no denying his ability as a football coach and the unfounded nature of these attacks.  To hear Brando and Taylor rip Meyer mercilessly for being arrogant, a whiner, and a griper for several minutes because of something Brando dreamed up in his head defies explanation.

Phase II – The Ohio State football fanbase is a peculiar beast.  It's been named the largest college football fanbase in the country and fans are incredibly passionate.  Buckeye fans get a bad rap around the country though because their fringe two-percenters are more visible and vocal than anyone else.  Columbus is a one horse town without a major professional team in the four major pro sports (and no, the Blue Jackets don't count) so Ohio State, and more specifically, Ohio State football dominates the sports landscape.

After Brando's show, Buckeye fans took to Twitter to call the host out on his Urban Meyer rant and ask him to produce one piece of evidence that depicted Meyer whining or arguing for his team to win a division or conference title.  This led to a Twitter War of epic proportions with Brando being pounded into submission by Buckeye fans, bloggers, and even journalists.

Get one of those movie theater popcorn making machines, because this is a Twitter fight for the ages…

Brando reminds me of Denzel Washington's character at the end of Training Day.  Angry, defiant, entertainingly crazy, but at the end of the day, a beaten man.  Even though King Kong ain't got sh*t on Tim Brando, the victoy goes to Buckeye Nation by way of a 13th Round TKO.  

Tim Brando knew he was backed into a corner, and try as he did to punch himself out, he never found a way to back up his own words.  This was his fatal flaw, as it should have been.  Brando referenced "published reports" about Urban Meyer wanting a B1G division or conference title.  In fact, he told everyone asking for proof to "get a LIFE."  The all caps means he's serious.  So what does Brando do?  Not only does he succumb to the pressure and offers a link, he offers a link that totally discounts what he ranted and raved about for hours.  Even though Brando finished this Twitter War with an "Lol" it's Buckeye Nation who has the last laugh.

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