Admit it, you’ve once dreamed about being Around the Horn’s Tony Reali.  No, not so that you could sit in front of Woody Paige and Bill Plaschke every day.  But instead, just so you could have the power to mute anyone you’d like whenever you’d like to.  All of that power in one person’s hands.  It’s amazing it hasn’t gone to the head of the Artist Formerly Known as Stat Boy.  Well, apparently Reali has gained physical power instead.  

During today’s Around the Horn, the dapper host apparently didn’t gauge the power of his own strength when he pressed the mute button too hard and possibly broke his finger.  Ouch!  Here’s the behind the scenes video from the show’s YouTube channel.

Wow, I hope Reali has Workman’s Comp or whatever the ESPN alternative is.  Give credit to Reali for working through the pain, after all, he’s the host of a fake sportswritery game show type of dealy.

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