Perhaps Tim McCarver has Twitter searched his name on a Saturday afternoon one too many times.  Maybe he was defriended on Facebook by one too many people.  Perhaps his Google+ circles are feeling a little empty or he’s seen himself autotuned on Youtube.  Or, he could be confused and just really hate the movie The Social Network.  For whatever reason, Tim McCarver opened the 2012 MLB season on Saturday by stating his belief that social networking is the worst thing ever…


“There is nothing in my view that is more disturbing than social networking.  Nothing!” – Tim McCarver

There may be just a few things on my list more disturbing than social networking.  War, AIDS, world hunger, Two And A Half Men, the fake-to-third-fake-to-first pickoff attempt that never works, never being able to get the last icecube stuck at the bottom of the glass, and announcers saying six letter words have only five letters just to name a few.  

Nevertheless, now that we have our first McCarverism of the new year, we can officially welcome the 2012 MLB season.

*This video was found via social networking.  Thanks to Whitney Snider for recording this quote for posterity.

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