With the end of football season and the Pammies more than six months away, we’re moving our Friday staple, This Week in Screengrab Snafus, to Saturdays to make sure you start your weekend the right way… and to help cope with the fact that it’ll be six more months until the return of Gary Danielson.

We begin this week with the SportsCenter rundown having a bit of trouble spelling their own name, and hyping an appearance on EPSNEWS.  Two for the price of one!  (h/t Deadspin)


Via CHeller37 comes this conference affiliation fail from the mothership.  Don’t you think Ohio State and Michigan and the Big Ten has suffered enough at the hands of the SEC already?  I know the SEC is being paid zillions of dollars by ESPN… maybe that’s why we never hear about the Big Ten’s superiority in basketball…


Poor Terry Collins wishes this was his first year as Mets manager (h/t metfan425)


And finally, well, this is just the best snafu ever from kcaldwell1224.  Just count how many spelling errors there are on this local weather report.  Simply amazing.

That was your week in Screengrab Snafus, next time be careful out there!

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