This may be the most random and awkward graphical slip up I’ve ever seen.  Why “slut” is located where the number period should be is, well, just weird… and amazing.  This isn’t one of those “gee I guess I held down the r key too long” or maybe I put the wrong picture with the wrong name.  No, this was much more sinister (and hilarious) then that…

The Big Ten’s depth and power as a basketball conference has been underrated for too long and they have eight teams projected in the tournament field this year according to resident bracketologist Joe Lunardi.  So what that two of them happen to be Illinois?  (via )


See if you can catch this snafu from a recent local telecast of a Nashville Predators game sent in by reader Michael Hackney


What game was it that Syracuse lost this season?  I’m struggling to remember… perhaps because they are still unbeaten… at least according to everyone but ESPN.  *Stays as far away from ESPN-Syracuse-Bernie Fine joke as possible.*


The secret behind Kobe Bryant’s recent scoring binge?  Clearly the shuffling by new head coach Mike Brown by putting Pau Gasol at point guard.  He’s at least twice as quick as Derek Fisher, it’s a smart move.  I wonder why Mike Brown never put Big Z at point in Cleveland, maybe then LeBron would have stayed (h/t cowboycalebman)…


And finally via num1devilsfan, yea… this might not have been the best picture choice for ESPN Mobile to commemorate the 49ers classic victory over the Saints in the Divisional Playoffs.  


That was your week in Screengrab Snafus, next time be careful out there!

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