Last year, high school lacrosse announcer Booker Corrigan received national attention for ripping off Notorious B.I.G lyrics for a goal call.  The following call from Booker may top even that for its creativity and shock value.  It comes from a recent game in the Long Island-Maryland challenge between Garden City and St. Paul’s also broadcasted at  In the fourth quarter, Garden City’s Ron Savage scores the final goal of the game to seal a 9-6 victory.  That’s when Booker drops this call that I can guarantee has never been uttered before… anywhere…

“Savage logs on to”

I’m flabbergasted.  That’s “I just flat out bring old school hoes to the party dot com” in case you missed it.  

You have to admire Booker’s bravery and creativity in this call, I’m just not so sure about the ethical nature of bringing old school hoes to high school lacrosse games.  In fact, I’m not sure talking about bringing hoes to the party is ever a good idea at a lacrosse game given THIS.  That’s not to mention the practicality of such a long URL (although I have no doubt someone will eventually register the domain name… to do God only knows what).  In the meantime, we can only hope this call inspires Jim Nantz to provide us with something as memorable for Sunday at Augusta. 

Update: Booker Corrigan tweeted us today and spoke briefly about his most recent viral call, saying it wasn’t planned:

ESPNBooker: @awfulannouncing love to see these HS Laxers getting some pub. They are the story, I am just the voice. #racetonifty

AwfulAnnouncing: @ESPNBooker it’s awesome… did you have this one planned or was it just spur of the moment?

ESPNBooker: @awfulannouncing it was totally spur of the moment. Off the cuff. Shooting from the hip. #racetonifty

(H/T The Kleinhans)

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