College recruitment can be a frightening kind of animal.  There's always been a certain aspect of recruiting that always takes place in the shadows.  When some of the darker elements of recruiting are brought to light, scandal often erupts.  While it's one thing for schools and coaches and representatives and even agents to be involved, it's quite another for athletes to be bombarded with recruiting pitches by fans.

In one case earlier this year, the activity of an Ohio State fan who happened to be a sex offender led to a linebacker decomitting after a picture was posted on Twitter.  That's when recruiting and the activity of fans takes on a whole new level of unseemliness.  I suppose it's another example of the college football culture that needs addressed.

And now with Penn State players free to transfer, fans of schools all around the country have been tweeting players pleading with them to transfer.  It's like watching a pack of hyenas surround a wounded wildebeest.  In particular, the @ mentions of star RB Silas Redd is a disturbing look inside this world.  In some cases, individuals have sent multiple tweets to Redd almost daily urging him to come to their school.  It's a fascinating, yet troubling look into the continued fallout at Penn State and the priorities of some in the wake of the Penn State tragedy.