Tim Tebow’s noon ET press conference is the biggest event in the history of sport.  Move over Roman gladiators, move over Greek Olympians, move over Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods.  The New York Jets have their new situational backup quarterback!!!!

Tim Tebow arrived in New York today.  The press conference was carried live on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNEWS.  The press conference was carried on a multitude of websites.  And, the press conference was carried on four local broadcast networks in New York.  But clearly, the most unbelievable coverage of the Tim Tebow press conference was going to be on ESPN2’s First Take.  It was there you could watch this…


Let’s break down what you can see on ESPN2…

1) Tim Tebow’s press conference

2) Skip Bayless tweeting at his laptop

3) The Twitter feed of Skip Bayless BEING BROADCASTED LIVE ON TELEVISION!!!

4) The destruction of American civilization

Before today, I didn’t think state controlled media was a good thing.  I firmly believe not even the cruelest dictator would allow this though…

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