We media love to giveth and taketh away.  Yesterday, we discussed the startling crash of Linsanity as his Google numbers and statistics all over the internet show a waning interest in Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks.  Well, leave it to the never overdramatic New York Post to put the final nail in the coffin of Linsanity, bury it in the ground, and give it a nice tombstone as well.  

While that’s all well and good, I’d also look to the excellent Howard Beck of the New York Times who chronicles why Mike D’Antoni’s departure and Mike Woodson’s installation as Knicks coach will ultimately put Linsanity dead in the ground for the time being…

“But D’Antoni left the building Wednesday, taking his speedy, free-flowing offense with him. His replacement, Mike Woodson, is an old-school coach and Larry Brown disciple who emphasizes defense, ball control and isolation play. He does not push the tempo, or rely heavily on the pick-and-roll. He holds a tight leash on his point guards.

He prefers veterans to rookies. He wants the offense to run through his stars. He will run most of his plays for Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire.

None of this bodes well for Lin.”

It’s not like Jeremy Lin hasn’t been counted out before, so perhaps the burying of Linsanity spurs him to more heroics.  Maybe Jeremy Lin is just waiting for April 8th to come around to fully resurrect Linsanity.  Oh well, at least TebowMania still lives on… for now.

(pic via Jimmy Traina)

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