Incredibly, in spite of all the destruction from Hurricane Sandy, the New York City marathon is still scheduled for this weekend with an unknowable number of people in extreme need.  The tragic stories and damage from Hurricane Sandy are still being uncovered, but Michael Bloomberg has declared the New York City marathon will run as scheduled.  The outrage has been immediate, intense, and unanimous.  Generators and resources that could be used to help the citizens affected by the hurricane are instead being used to prepare and run a marathon race, or at least that's the perception that has been created in the wake of the decision.

Emerging as a voice of reason in all this?  WFAN radio host Mike Francesa, who again went on-air today blasting the decision to run the race in a couple of rants.  Yes, that Mike Francesa has emerged as a voice of reason.

UPDATE: Here's a higher quality video straight from YES…

UPDATE II (5:15 PM ET): Several reports are now emerging that the NYC Marathon, sensibly, has been canceled.

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