Houston Rockets radio announcer Craig Ackerman unleashed this candidate for call of the year as the Rockets defeated the Lakers 107-105 in Houston Tuesday night.  Los Angeles blew a 13 point 4th Quarter lead and Kobe Bryant missed a 3 to win in the dying seconds.  Ackerman jubilantly exclaimed:

"The game is over!  The game is over!  The Lakers have just pooped their big boy pants and the Rockets have come from 17 down to win 107-105."

The quote is actually piece of genius as it references a quote from Kobe telling Pau Gasol to put on his big boy pants earlier this week.  After acquiring Dwight Howard and firing Mike Brown, who could have imagined the Lakers 2012 season would be off to such a messy start.  At 8-10, it looks like there's still some major cleaning up to do in Los Angeles.