Earlier this year, there was talk of a Friday Night Lights movie happening based on the cult-favorite television show (which was inspired by the movie and book of the same name).  Producer Peter Berg spoke to MTV a few months ago about not being done with Friday Night Lights.  Berg has also been working with former Texas Tech and current Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach on an HBO documentary and referenced including Leach’s story in a possible FNL movie.  In a recent interview with Details, Friday Night Lights producer Peter Berg and actress Connie Britton said that pending FNL movie is going to happen:

CONNIE BRITTON: So, I had a meeting at Jason Katims’ office. And we were talking about something else and I said, “Forget about all that. Is this movie going to happen?” I was sitting on his couch, and he’s like, “Look behind you.” And I look behind me and it’s a wall with a big, huge corkboard on it with all these 3×5 cards. That’s what these writers do, they do the whole story on 3×5 cards. He’s like, “That’s the movie.”

PETER BERG: We’re doing the movie.

While this is obviously great news for fans of the show, perhaps the more deviously delightful part of the interview is Berg’s comments on Texas Senate candidate Craig James.  Berg is certainly not an unbiased source when it comes to James seeing as how he’s working with Leach on a documentary and Leach’s story being part of a possible movie has been noted all the way back in February.  Berg let loose on what he feels about James and how he is a “f*cking scumbag”…

PETER BERG: I put Leach in a little cameo in Friday Night Lights and I started to become friends with him, and then he got fired. I really studied that entire situation—his getting fired and the accusations made against him by Adam James, and the pressure that his father, Craig James, put on Leach, using his ESPN bully pulpit. Craig James is a f*cking scumbag, helicopter dad—and everything wrong with the culture I observed in Texas. Mike Leach never put that kid in a closet. The kid admitted it. It was a total lie. Now Mike Leach has the Washington State University job and he’s got carte blanche. It’s a great comeback story.

Something tells me the James campaign will not be using Craig James for Senate: Everything Wrong With Texas Culture to rally votes as the Republican primary comes down the final stretch.  My only question now is this, who gets to play the Craig James villainous role in the upcoming FNL movie if the story is indeed included?

[Via Details with a hockey assist to SBNation]

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