With the 2012 NCAA Tournament kicking off tonight in Dayton, Ohio, you’ll have to allow us just one last chance to take a look back at the best NCAA Tournament calls of Gus Johnson.  Yes, we’ll all survive without the trademark enthusiasm and shouting of Gus to guide us through the excitement of March Madness, but it won’t quite be the same.  The last time Gus Johnson wasn’t a part of March Madness was 1995 when UCLA cut down the nets, Ed O’Bannon was named tournament MOP, and gas was going UP to a ghastly $1.18 per gallon.  Gus Johnson has been synonymous with the NCAA Tournament like few announcers ever have with an event.  Before we all have to settle for the Gus Johnson Soundboard this year, let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember his best tourney calls…

1999 Sweet 16 – Gonzaga vs Florida

“The slipper still fits!”


2005 First Round – Syracuse vs Vermont

“Sorrentine, hit that one from the parking lot!”


2006 Sweet 16 – Gonzaga vs UCLA


2007 Second Round – OSU vs Xavier

“HA HA!!!”


2009 Sweet 16 – Kansas vs Michigan State



2010 Sweet 16 –  Xavier vs Kansas State

“Crawford’s gotta hurry… uhh… OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!”

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