Tampa area radio host Dan Sileo, host of a popular morning show on WDAE 620-AM, has been fired by the station after some incredibly ignorant comments on his show on Monday morning. Incredibly, Sileo hosted his show on Tuesday, a day after the remarks, before being canned on Tuesday night.

Now, what did Sileo say that was so offensive? While talking about the Bucs, the topic of free agents Jonathan Vilma, Cortland Finnegan, and Vincent Jackson signing with the team was brought up. Sileo’s exact comment?

“If they got those three monkeys, I’m good. I’m ready, man. I’m ready. I want those guys. Those guys are great players.”

Is this some sort of joke? In an era where racial tolerance is not only accepted but pretty much the norm, how can this guy make such insensitive comments like that? On Monday, the station issued a statement apologizing for and condemning Sileo’s comments. The station said, “[Sileo] is sincerely embarrassed and upset that his off-the-cuff remarks might be taken as hateful, disrespectful, or in any way racist.” Oh yeah, how can calling African-American players monkeys be considered racist in any way?

I’m almost more irritated about the station letting him host his show the day after he made the comments instead of doing something right away. Morning shock jocks will normally say lots of random crap to generate buzz, but being hateful towards an entire race is completely different than say, making fun of Antonio Cromartie for forgetting his kids’ names, or ripping on LeBron James for being a choke artist and a media whore.

If it is a “slip of the tongue” then it’s one of the worst ever. I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this sunk Sileo’s career.

[h/t: Tampa Bay Times]

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