This monstrosity took place on the 11 PM SportsCenter. With coverage of Peyton Manning absolutely dominating the ESPN airwaves, the producers of SportsCenter felt it was necessary to have Stuart Scott read a… love letter or sorts to Peyton Manning from the point of view of a generic team looking to sign Manning. Note the lovely piano music in the background as Scott shifts between fangirl, hero-worshipping child, and desperate GM in his note to Manning. 

Oh lord, this was painful. Can we get another poetry jam or two? At least Stu isn’t doing this at live events to athletes’ faces. Could you imagine if he started dropping his poetry jam skills in front of Kobe or delivered a sonnet to Peyton Manning about how great he is? Actually… that could be very entertaining TV, and would probably give us fresh material for a couple of weeks. MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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