Bulls announcer Stacey King has quickly become one of our AA favorites, and he was at it again during last night’s furious Bulls comeback against the Toronto Raptors. The Bulls were down 10 at the end of the first quarter and slowly chipped away at Toronto’s lead before forcing overtime.

CJ Watson threw up a prayer that was partially blocked, and Luol Deng tipped it in for the win. King predictably went nuts after the tip-in, finishing with “DRIVE HOME SAFELY, BEEP BEEP!” Not sure if that was intended for the crowd at the United Center, or the legions of Bulls fans that were probably out at bars watching the game. Both, maybe?

Versions of that line have been around for awhile, but the BEEP BEEP? Classic. Thank god King is calling games for a great team like the Bulls, and not stuck in a basketball hellhole like Washington or Charlotte.

[h/t: CBS Sports]

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