Ever wondered who the guy that bellows “WHAT to Watch FOR!” and “THIS IS SPORSCENTER” as ESPN goes in and out of commercial breaks? Yeah me neither, but after today, I’m mildly content that ESPN brought their voice-over guru to Bristol to do his thing live and on set. Below you’ll get to meet Chris Kelley, a voice you’ve probably heard more than your mother’s over the last decade. Good to finally put a face and name to the voice.

My guess is that viewers weren’t exactly jamming the phone lines demanding an on camera appearance from Kelley. More likely, it was the fraternity of SportsCenter anchors who clamored to meet the familiar and iconic voice that has been a staple of the show for quite some time.

Over the years, many anchors have enjoyed riffing Kelley’s signature style and voice. Robert Flores, who had sunk his teeth into mimicking “What To Watch For,” was even greeted with a surprise live call from Kelley confronting Flores on his impersonation. (below) I’d love to know whether or not Flores got to meet up with Kelley and if the on air talent and/or production staffs for SportsCenter utilized the visit to mobilize a raucous night on the town. Getting Kelley loose enough to narrate a night of debauchery would certainly make my bucket list if I worked in Bristol.


Update:  Robert Flores did not get to meet Kelley. We’re thinking he may make a mad dash to ESPN HQ similar to OJ Simpson’s Hertz commercial.

About Ben Koo

Copying and pasting my Twitter bio. I'm also refusing (for now) to write this in the third person. This is me - EIC and CEO at @comeback_sports and @AwfulAnnouncing, world's greatest chinese jew, proud Buckeye, funny dude, and sports and digital media zealot.

25 thoughts on “SportsCenter voice over guy, Chris Kelley, stops by the studio

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