I never thought I'd write or say anything like this, but this video is actually made funny by Steve Harvey. 

See, Nick is the problem. Nick is the guy who–either deliberately because he's a tool or mistakenly because he's a fool–wasted a perfectly good and potentially crucial Family Feud answer on "junk," which might've been quasi-understandable had "body parts" not already been revealed as the number one answer.

OK, maybe I'm taking this whole thing a little too seriously. I think it has to do with my love and appreciation for the sanctity of all syndicated daytime game shows (I work from home), but Harvey's improvised response–which spans over two minutes–is nearly perfect.

I can't find what the other two answers were, and I don't know if smart-assed Nick and his overly enthusiastic family of similarly aged men won or lost, but I'm thinking that he might have been better off going with something like, I dunno, house, or car, or appetite, or even bed. 

Am I over-analyzing again? Sorry, tendencies of a sports writer, I suppose.

It obviously isn't the first time private parts have invaded game shows. In this lady's defense, her answer makes a little more sense (and Harvey's reaction is pretty solid, too):

And we had to know where "something that gets hard when cold" was going to go:

Merely because of the basketball connection, it all reminds me of when Chris Paul was somewhat randomly on the show last year:

(Hat tip on the Shaq video goes to the extraordinary gentlemen at TBJ)

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