We were alerted to a real, honest to goodness episode of Judge Sapp that was published on Youtube on The NOC this week.  Although light on views (south of 1,500), it’s high on… something.  What that is, I can’t quite put my finger on it.  All I know is when the first participant walks into Judge Sapp’s courtroom, one of those annoying Youtube popups comes on screen with the message – “LIKE if you thought that was Grimace from McDonald’s for a second!” complete with a purple background.  That pretty much sums up the core of Judge Sapp, which thankfully seems smart enough to be in on the joke of a former NFL defensive lineman serving as a courtroom judge on a Youtube show.  Oh, and there’s a Courtroom DJ, too… and a legal analyst to advise Judge Sapp complete with stereotypical DJ and legal analyst garb respectively.  As expected, the comedy aspects are a bit hit or miss, but it is Youtube after all.

The following episode features a dispute between two brothers over a hot dog cart and lasts all of eight minutes.  If you can get across the acting involved, Sapp actually isn’t too bad in the role.  At least he’s better as a Youtube judge than an NFL news breaker


Thank goodness the defendant wasn’t too torn up over the $1500 decision to make jokes about opening up a live chicken stand.  I’m just upset there was no appearance of the spinning wheel of destiny, maybe I’ll have to tune in next time.  Now, if only Judge Sapp can settle a real hot dog dispute between Kobayashi and Major League Eating, I’ll be really impressed.

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