We’ve seen classic examples from Italy of soccer commentators going nuts just watching a game on a screen and yelling about it while said game is being broadcasted on another network.  It’s an incredibly foreign concept to American sports fans, but now we have a clip of one of those insane, entertaining soccer watchers/pundits from England.  Here, former Arsenal player Charlie Nicholas of Sky Sports reports on Arsenal’s home Champions League game against AC Milan from last week.  Arsenal trailed Milan 4-0 heading into the second game of the home and home, but incredibly got 3 first half goals to give themselves a chance of advancing.  Unfortunately for Nicholas and the Gunners, Arsenal was shutout in the second half and went down 4-3 on aggregate to Milan.  But, that doesn’t mean we still can’t look back and enjoy a grown man giving the trumpet to celebrate his team scoring a goal amongst other acts of delirium.  


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