This is just the most laughable picture and video I’ve ever seen.  It should be no surprise that it comes from First Take.  I mean come on, there’s an angelic white haze around Tim Tebow like he’s from the cast of Touched By An Angel!  He’s not dead!  Could there be a more awkward picture to symbolize Skip Bayless and his love for Tim Tebow than that picture above?  Of course not, but that’s the point.

Sad piano music plays out Skip Bayless’ uncomfortable, sickening, ratings-driven obsession with Tim Tebow, presumably until John Elway drafts a quarterback in April or he has another terrible training camp in July.  This is the official end of TebowMania… at least until the next NFL season.  



So what does Skip Bayless do next?  He fades back into oblivion where he belongs.  He has no credibility whatsoever, Skip is just an obnoxiously loud sycophant and demagogue who rode the coattails of Tim Tebow as long as they would carry him.  I’m sure Skip Bayless will try to seamlessly transition into another gimmick that will seek to create the buzz that TebowMania did, but will fail.  Will any of those record number of viewers stick around to watch Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless talk about normal things?  Of course not!  Skip has now pigeonholed himself as “that guy that loves Tim Tebow” and won’t be able to escape that moniker for the rest of time, fancy video goodbye or not.  He’s now a typecasted character actor, much like someone from the cast of The Sopranos.  If you expect Skip Bayless to be relevant on non-Tebow subjects, you might as well expect Paulie Walnuts to start hosting after school specials.

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