Charles Barkey has had his issues with San Antonio in the past, most notably ripping on the city’s women two years ago. With the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals, and beating the Thunder in Game One last night, San Antonio mayor Julian Castro went after Barkley with the inevitable digs at the city on the horizon.

Oh man, that was strong. Barkley in drag, Barkley driving a golf ball in absolutely horrendous fashion, ripping on his lack of rings… it was as much of a burn as a politican can give a television personality in 1:30 while keeping things light-hearted. Barkley hasn’t necessarily backed off his colorful descriptions of San Antonio, saying on Inside the NBA last night, “Everyone knows San Antonio is a great city… they do have some big ol’ women down here.”

At any rate, Castro did a damn good job with this, even if he probably didn’t write a word of his speech. Local politicians and celebrities supporting the local team can only be a good thing, but cue up the hoards of people screaming to high heavens about Castro having some fun instead of spending 18 hours a day working on resolving local issues.

[h/t: All Ball]

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