The buzz surrounding Hard Knocks has dissapated since the dramatic release of Chad Johnson from the Miami Dolphins.  On this week's episode though we got a classic Hard Knocks moment showing Dolphins rookie QB Ryan Tannehill channeling his inner Ryan Lochte.  Watch as Tannehill tries to vaguely guess which NFL team is in which NFL division, saying the Kansas City Chiefs play in the NFC East.  I guess he's never played franchise mode on Madden, turned to the sports page in his local newspaper, or even Googled the NFL standings.  Thankfully, the new Dolphins starting quarterback knows his team plays in the AFC East.  That's good enough for now.

Strangely, Tannehill can name all of Antonio Cromartie's kids though… and at least he still has a hot wife.

(H/T Diehardsport)