The Kansas City Royals made a change to their broadcast team this offseason by bringing in former Angels color analyst Rex Hudler to replace Royals Hall of Famer Frank White. The reaction to the new color analyst has been…. let’s just say “not favorable” as the Kansas City Examiner website explains.

A quick Twitter search for Hudler’s name reveals venom being slung towards him by the fans, and even revealed a new Twitter account dedicated to some of his quotes, @ShitHudlerSays. Take a look at some of the early reviews for the Wonder Dog:

I can understand the animosity that the Royals fans are feeling towards Hudler, with him replacing a legend in White. But the season is still five games old, the guy is in a new town in which he has no experience, and he’s not a broadcasting novice having worked plenty of years with the Angels. (If Royals fans really want an experience in bad announcing, try listening to Brian Jordan on the Atlanta Braves pre and post game shows. That’s some stuff that’ll make your ears bleed.) Rex is a unique personality amongst announcers for sure, but Royals fans should at least give Hudler more of a chance in the booth before marching to his house with pitchforks.

[h/t: Examiner]

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