ESPN has to get something out of the millions of dollars they’re paying Rick Reilly, so they gave him a pulpit after the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. As usual, nonsense started spewing out of his mouth as soon as he opened it. You can check the video for yourself at the link, for some reason ESPN chose to not make it embeddable. Hmm… Sunday night’s genius statement: the NFL should make Giants-Patriots the permanent Super Bowl game, in the vein of people talking yearly about a permanent Super Bowl site.  

How ridiculous is this? Reilly, as facetious as he may be, is talking about making the regular season and playoffs meaningless and letting the Giants and Patriots play in the Super Bowl every year. Ok, then. He follows that up by making this claim:

“The Patriots are sort of the Washington Generals to the Giants Globetrotters.”

You know, the Patriots who have won three Super Bowls with Tom Brady at the helm… are the Washington Generals, the ones that have lost tens of thousands of games to their competition. That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Anyway, Reilly then says Patriots and Giants games always end the same: with the Giants walking away with the Lombardi Trophy. Just like they did when the two teams met in a regular season game in November, right? And when the Giants lost to the Patriots in Week 17 of the 2007 season? Sure, the games have all been good… but to make these broad, sweeping statements based on two Super Bowls the Giants won on last minute touchdowns is ridiculous. But then again, do you really expect much more from Rick Reilly?

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