Tuesday night's All Star Game was unwatchable.  An 8-0 exhibition baseball game falls somewhere between the Pro Bowl and racewalking for excitement value.  But that's just me.  At least we can all be in agreement that it'll be nice to turn the page from the thrilling R.A. Dickey/Matt Cain debate and Tony La Russa returning from the shadows.  

And then there was another element working against the All-Star Game – Tim McCarver.  McCarver's popularity is perhaps only matched by Chris Berman, and we just happen to be blessed with them on back-to-back nights during MLB's All-Star break.  And people wonder why baseball isn't attracting younger fans.  

I'm becoming more and more convinced that Joe Buck (who I grew to like during last year's NFL Playoffs) would be much more palatable for baseball fans were it not for McCarver.  I'm sure Tim McCarver was once a fine broadcaster, at least before I achieved cognitive development, but his time has passed him by.  

McCarver provided his usual slew of oddball commentary for the All-Star Game including his amazement at "new" baseball terminology, putting teams in wrong divisions, and "buggy-whipping."  At least this time no charities were harmed.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

@celebrityhottub I wish Tim McCarver was my grandpa, because then I could hold the phone away from my ear whenever he started talking.

@bkabak Tim McCarver thinks an injury prone 31 year old is going to get the biggest contract in history. Fire him please, @mlbonfox.

@netw3rk Tim McCarver reminds me of that friend of your grandparents who'd give you a silver dollar for your birthday.

@GoTribe2012 Joe Buck is bad, but NOBODY can be worse than Tim McCarver.

@PeytonsHead Tim McCarver discussing "hat etiquette". Welcome to the 21st Century.

@Eric_Adam10 Tim McCarver, thinks the ATLANTA Braves and NEW YORK Mets are in the Central

@ZacBoyer Tim McCarver just said Fernando Rodney wearing his hat askew has to confuse hitters. I wish I were joking.

@cincinnatiJ333 Tim McCarver is making me consider a lobotomy. #ASG @awfulannouncing

@jackhammer619 @awfulannouncing "Told you he went to Vanderbilt, he can type too!" – Tim McCarver

@dvillavicencio6 Tim McCarver is lost. Just called Rodney's 81 MPH change-up a fastball. Maybe in a high school JV game

@_KatieeHall They could have found someone, anyone, better than Tim McCarver.

@idiotsonsports Tim McCarver makes me hate words

@DCTViper89 I hate Tim McCarver. He thinks he's funny, but he's old person funny where only other old people think he's funny. #ASG

@substockman "Electric stuff" is a "new term in baseball" — Something else I've learned from Tim McCarver tonight.

@GametimeMickey Who else is for teaming up Chris Berman and Tim McCarver?! ‏

@hdcjr How does one forget how bad Tim McCarver really is? Because I did until tonight.

@schultzac10 "Is there anything Mike Trout can't do" Yes. He can't get Tim McCarver to shut up.

@TroLoko Did Tim McCarver just say "buggy-whipping"? And did he really imply this was a common phrase? #ASG #BuggyWhipping

@_mistermet Yes, Tim McCarver. You don't want to be dead while standing on third base.

@Giantandre I remember when I though Tim McCarver was a good announcer … it was 1984, I was an idiot ….

@Mike_Vorkunov There has to be a causal relationship in baseball's dropping ratings and America's exposure to Tim McCarver

@walkerRcarey Tim McCarver also just said Joel Hanrahan should change his name to Joel Hammerhan. Related: I am out of Tim McCarver jokes.

@susanpcollier I think I might be the only person on earth that enjoys Tim McCarver's commentary.

@emilyooo Tim McCarver. @awfulannouncing

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