Well here we are again.  Chris Berman is back at the US Open in the broadcast booth for another year, and for another year golf fans are wondering why ESPN is torturing them with his huffing and grunting and bad jokes.  Perhaps no single broadcast assignment is so universally derided than ESPN stuffing Chris Berman into the booth for Thursday and Friday at golf’s US Open.  It’s like NBC asking Snooki to host a Dateline special on the dangers of drunk driving, or Lady Gaga visiting Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, or Dick Vitale hosting Inside the Actors Studio.  It just don’t make sense.  And yet, ESPN somehow still thinks this is a good idea.  And thankfully for Chris Berman, he’s not on Twitter.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

‏@BobbyBigWheel The best thing about watching basketball is that you never have to worry about Chris Berman showing up.

@cbctom Hearing Chris Berman on a golf telecast reminds me of when Pavarotti sang pop tunes. Some things are better left untried. #USOpen

@thelidlives How is waterboarding illegal and Chris Berman doing US Open legal. Both are torture

@TeddyGreenstein ESPN really still thinks this chris berman-on-golf thing is a good idea, huh?

@chrisdimino Want to get real drunk REAL fast. Drinking game. Every time Chris Berman says “eh uhhhm”…drink. Leave a note for your family.

@DPimentel32 I’m doing my best to enjoy the U.S. Open and Chris Berman is doing his best to make sure i don’t.

@Brian8473 Chris Berman sounds like Jiminy Glick.


‏@Unsilent The bad news is that I can’t see the US Open. The good news is that I can’t hear Chris Berman.

@GolfSpyT Chris Berman hosting the US Open is a bit like Steven Seagal hosting the Oscars

@mattrado If I could punch one person in the face this wknd it would probably be the guy who made the call to put chris berman in the us open booth.

@AGK_Stephens If I hear Chris Berman say ‘Happy Hour Golf’ one more time in the next 24 hrs. I’m gonna lose it! Get off the air and go to Applebees dude

@MyPhillyGolf I never watched US Open coverage with the sound off until Chris Berman showed up

@GregStephen1 the US Open is as uncomfortable as listening to your drunk uncle tell inappropriate stories at a family reunion

‏@dmpontious Chris Berman and Rick Reilly covering the US Open? Could they throw in Joe Buck and make it a trifecta of suck?


@WrigleyHoosier Chris Berman is brutal on the #usopen. Can someone with @espn please end the insanity. Signed, everyone

@HBoydBrown Go home, Chris Berman. #USOpen

@slimer009 Chris Berman covering golf is worse than John Madden covering the ballet

@EnvireauxMental Chris Berman is the worst golf announcer. He sounds like he’s been gargling with hot asphalt.

‏@CopperandBlue Chris Berman is to golf like the Yugo is to cars

‏@ColRhumbus ESPN, for all that is holy, please keep Chris Berman off my tv. I’d almost be willing to hear Joe Morgan take a crack at golf commentary

@SanJoseSharts “Just…” -Chris Berman, golf commentator

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