The 2012 college football season got underway this weekend without the namesake of the Pammies and AA Mount Rushmore resident Pam Ward.  Ward was kept off ESPN college football assignments this year, although she continues working a variety of sports for ESPN.  Bristol still employs one female play by play announcer for college football broadcasts, the capable Beth Mowins.  Mowins announced Saturday’s Syracuse-Northwestern game with Joey Galloway (who I thought was pretty good in his first game), but many watching somehow thought Mowins was Ward.  This, of course, was wrong.

Maybe it speaks to some kind of greater societal issue at hand where all female play by play people have to sound like Pam Ward in our subconscious.  Not every female announcer is Pam Ward just like every male announcer isn’t Chris Berman.  Then again, it could just speak to our inability to pay attention to the many occasions when Mowins’ name and/or picture appeared on screen to identify her as the announcer for the game.  Either way, maybe we collectively have a ways to go.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…


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