Pitchers and catchers are preparing to report for Spring Training, which means baseball players flooding the friendly weather conditions of Florida and Arizona before the season begins.  But before departing for Spring Training, Rangers pitcher Derek Holland got the opportunity to give the local forecast with WFAA in Dallas. 

Holland’s excitement about the weather is admirable.  Who doesn’t get juiced to talk some cumulonimbus clouds and decreasing atmospheric pressure!  His forecast consists mostly of shouting “WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT?!  JUST LOOK AT THAT!” in pure, unadulterated joy.  He also puts his hood up to signify the cold sweeping through the area.  Nice visual imagery.  When things don’t go so well with the weather clicker though, Holland goes to Plan B and breaks out his notable Haray Caray impersonation (Witchita Falls how ya doin?).  He then continues shouting “WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT?!  JUST LOOK AT THAT!” over any and everything during this weather report.  If only there was a way to translate this kind of excitement to more baseball telecasts…


(via It’s Always Sunny In Detroit)

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