Already tense clinging to a 1 run lead with the Padres threatening in the 8th inning, Rangers fans suddenly found themselves concerned for another reason. During a visit to the mount, play by play man Dave Barnett seemed to momentarily lose his marbles with a series of nonsensical orations. While announcers spewing nonsense is pretty common place these days, Barnett’s spiel had many thinking it was the effect of some type of medical condition. Reviewing the footage, it seems hard to come up with another explanation as “fifth base”, “botched robbery”, and “henchmen” usually don’t enter into the baseball lexicon that often.

Note: Audio is very low on this video. You’re going to need adjust your volume and the youtube audio accordingly. I promise not to Rick Roll you.


Perhaps there was some type of inside joke he was trying to tease, but the 5th base thing seems to not connect to the botched robbery/henchmen diatribe. Barnett seems to mumble a bit before going silent which might have actually been due to his mic being cutoff.

The good news is that Barnett finished the game without incident so if it was indeed some type of medical flareup, it didn’t seem to carry over. 

Many may recall when a Los Angeles reporter suffered from a what appeared to be a stroke on live television which led to similar awkwardness. In that case, the incident wasn’t pegged to a stroke but rather a complicated migraine that mimicked stroke like symptoms. Given the story has shot out of the gate on Twitter, Deadspin, and elsewhere, I’d imagine we’ll get a full response in not too long. Hopefully Barnett is fine and he has some crazy story of how robberies and henchman are tied into this year’s Texas Rangers.

Update: Barnett says it was due to a migraine. He’ll miss the next two games to undergo an evaluation.

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