In resisisting a vast array of horribly inappropriate headlines, we bring you this video from CSN Bay Area after a Giants win over the Athletics this weekend.  As CSN’s Jaymee Sire is interviewing Angel Pagan in the Giants locker room, injured third basemen Pablo Sandoval is lurking in the wings ready to pounce with ye olde towel full of shaving cream.  Sandoval eventually reaches his target Pagan, but also doubles his pleasure by getting Sire with the shaving cream as well.  Watch as playful athlete/reporter hijinks ensues…


A few random observations:


1) Sandoval is currently on the DL recovering from left hand surgery, so at least he was smart enough to place the towel in his right hand at first, but then he goes back to the left!  Given the propensity for baseball players to suffer absurd injuries, Kung Fu Panda needs to be careful.  “Pieing reporter in face” would compete with Marty Cordova’s tanning bed for dumbest baseball injury ever.

2) Sire takes the shaving cream in the face much better than Tim McCarver ever would have.

3) On a side note, Sire may be the first sports reporter I’ve ever seen that also has a pretty legit food blog.

4) Who’s going to be the first person brave enough to do this to Tim Kurkjian?

(via CSN Bay Area)

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