And with that one simple tweet, Osi Umenyiora of the New York Giants took a nice shot at LeSean McCoy of the NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles. McCoy kept his cool, and his only response to the tweet was “Lol let the beef begin”.

Now, let’s break down this mini-Twitter incident. Umenyiora loses points for not mentioning McCoy’s Twitter handle in the tweet, which is almost ensuring that McCoy wouldn’t see the tweet for himself unless a fan retweeted it and threw McCoy’s handle into it. If you’re going to talk trash on someone, at least mention their handle so that they can see it, especially if it’s in a rivalry type situation like this and not an anonymous fan bashing a player, in which case, mentioning the handles of players incessantly just comes off as irritating.

Umenyiora also gets some points for being unique with his insult, but at the same time, loses a couple for the higher meaning, which was essentially “he’s a woman!” That’s fairly weak. McCoy will also get some credit for largely ignoring Umenyiora’s insult and brushing it off with ease. Although it would have been more interesting to see a back and forth between the two, McCoy was the bigger man in this situation. I’d probably put McCoy in the lead slightly right now, though.

The outcome of this small Twitter skirmish (in May…) is up in the air, but it’ll be worth watching as we move towards September and these guys begin to do battle on the field… and not Twitter.

[h/t: Yahoo]

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