We’re around the point of the year where HBO usually announces what NFL team they’ll feature if any for Hard Knocks. Halfway through May, the list of NFL teams who have rejected HBO’s advances is unfortunately growing with the likes of the Redskins, Texans, and 49ers all reportedly passing on being featured.

They join the Broncos, Jets, and Falcons as teams that have been tied to unsuccessful overtures from HBO. It’s anyone’s guess how many more teams have given a firm “no” to HBO but did so without the media catching wind of the rejection.

I’m of the belief that the Bengals, Saints, Cowboys, and Chiefs are unlikely candidates given recent appearances on the program and the Saints needing some time away from the limelight after a brutal offseason.

Luckily for HBO and fans of the series, the Jaguars are the equivalent of a scantily dressed woman eying you across the bar who has bluntly stated she’s DTF. HBO has that in the back pocket so they’re free to pursue other options, at least until time runs out.

I stated early in the process I was keen on the Niners and Texans as options so it’s sad to see them out of the mix. Going forward, HBO could still target teams like the Colts, Eagles, Rams, and Lions who could all be interesting follows during training camp and present a number of storylines. 

Right now I’d peg the Jaguars as 4:1 front runner to be featured with these recent developments. If we hit go past the first week of June and all is still quiet on a Hard Knocks frontrunner, then I’d say it’s a coin-flip between Jacksonville and the rest of the NFL. 

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