So this is why the Los Angeles Kings have only made one Stanley Cup Final appearance in their history before this year, it turns the local media absolutely bonkers.  We’ve seen screengrab snafus, public address screwups with Wayne Gretzky, and even infographics made by the team to deal with their crazy local media.  Thankfully, the Los Angeles media continues to one up itself, although it’s going to take quite the feat to top this creepy/awkward/weird/sensual video now that the series is continuing to a Game 5.  Watch as KTLA reporter Allie Mackay spanks the Devils mascot during a staged on-ice mascot fracas.  That leads the on-set anchor team to add these play by play gems:

“Allie pulled out her bedroom move.”

“You like that, she was like, do it.”

“Something tells me they probably would enjoy it (going to the penalty box)… it might be part of their little game.”

Whatever happens next, let’s just pray Lee Corso doesn’t get any crazy ideas for College Gameday this fall…

(H/T Off The Bench)

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