Yesterday, Mike Tyson was PTI’s guest for Five Good Minutes to talk about his upcoming Broadway show, which we told you about last week.  Tyson’s transformation from baddest man on the planet to convicted rapist to ear-biting psychopath to face-tattooed crazy person to comedic actor to lovable, engaging storyteller has been the most fascinating character progression in sports the last two decades.  On PTI, Tyson showed his range that will be on display on Broadway as he opens about his past, tells an insane story about Robin Givens and Brad Pitt, and talks about boxing vs MMA.  Definitely take the time to watch the interview and marvel over the Mike Tyson transformation…

“I embrace my shame and embarrassment… in order to like myself I have to embrace truly who I am.”

“This is going to be pretty stimulating for you Mike because you like to talk about the venereal diseases and stuff.”

“I didn’t even think about sluggin him or killin him, all the fight was knocked out of me when I saw that.”

“The collective state of boxing is so 20th century now, you actually expect the decision of who’s going to get robbed and this is going to happen and that just leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths.”

“Now we have the MMA, which is a very illuminating sport that everybody needs to be participating in.”

“If you’re fighting in the street, you ain’t gonna ask the guy are you in shape, how much you weigh?”

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