Don't have enough NFL highlights in your life?  Never fear!  ESPN will be launching a new NFL highlights show this fall to come alongside The Blitz, NFL Primetime, Football Night In America, and NFL Gameday.  The new show will feature a couple unique qualities.  First, the show will be hosted by the everpresent duo of Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic.  Second, according to ESPN, the show will feature new highlights unseen on other highlight shows….

Mike & Mike's Best of the NFL will count down the top passes, runs, catches, blocks, defensive plays and other categories from around the league. The show will offer footage that NFL fans have not seen in other highlight packages throughout the weekend.

The debut show will be Tuesday, September 11 at 3 p.m. ET, recapping NFL Kickoff weekend. The program will air every week of the NFL regular season.

It's getting to the point you can't escape from Mike & Mike on the ESPN family of networks.  Radio shows, best of radio shows, SportsCenter appearances, and now NFL highlight shows.  It's too bad they can't reclaim their place in the MNF booth for the opening week doubleheader (ya know, because of that Berman guy).  

This "Best of the NFL" show looks like it'll be a cross between Primetime and SportsNation with a countdown of different types of plays from the weekend.  A highlight show seems like a good fit for what Mike & Mike do, as long as they leave some of the campier elements of their radio show behind.  

With so many NFL highlights already out there, it's hard to imagine this show being able to sell itself on "new" highlights not seen throughout the weekend, especially on a Tuesday afternoon when people are alerady looking ahead to the next week.  Unless they can find a way to sell Top 5 Button Hooks on 3rd and 7 or Top 5 Tim Tebow Plays As The Personal Punt Protector from the previous week's action.

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