The intrigue surrounding coveted free agent Michelle Beadle’s future has been ongoing since reports indicated her contract was coming to an end at ESPN several months ago.  Beadle, along with Scott Van Pelt, have been seen as two of the biggest free agents to come along in the sports media in many years.  Today, we may be coming closer to knowing where Beadle’s final destination will be.  

Sports by Brooks first tweeted a report that Michelle Beadle is leaving ESPN for NBC Sports with an eye towards also working for Access Hollywood and the Today Show:

Michelle Beadle would certainly be the high profile, star addition NBC has been searching for as Brooks reports.  While Beadle’s deal with NBC appears imminent, it is not yet set in stone.  

We can report Beadle has been working with NBC on a deal and an agreement is indeed possible in the near future, but a contract has not been finalized yet.

Beadle to NBC would present intriguing possibilities.  All along many have thought Beadle’s ESPN colleague Scott Van Pelt would be a more natural fit at NBC Sports.  According to Brooks’ report, Beadle would be doing some sports, but also work with NBC’s entertainment programs after a stint at the Olympics.  And perhaps, that’s what Beadle has had her sights set on all along.  Michelle Beadle wouldn’t look at all out of place doing a feature on the Today show or reporting for Access Hollywood.  She definitely has that crossover potential that could work in a variety of settings at NBC.  While her contract negotiations have been ongoing, the sentiment for many has been a transition into the news and entertainment realm much like her ESPN co-worker Erin Andrews.

We reached out to NBC and they officially declined to comment on the matter.  We’ll provide updates as more information becomes available.

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