The amazing thing about what you’re about to see is this – I think it’s real.  That’s Lakers forward Metta World Peace as the superhero “Metta Man” donning a cape, skatebaording through the air, with a curling stone in his hand.  You see, Metta is taking part in his own mental health service announcement for Limelight Mental Health, an offshoot of Xcel University, founded by World Peace in 2007.  Mental health is something not to be taken lightly, and it is admirable what Metta has done to raise awareness one way or the other.

But this video… this video… well, this video has to be seen to be believed…

So many questions… why are there cameos from a talking Larry King cutout and what looks to be a Tibetan monk?  Why is Metta headbutting balls of fire?  Why is he dunking a curling stone instead of a basketball?  Where does he get that greenish glow and all those muscles at the end?  And finally, what does this mean???

[Sweater Punch]

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