What’s the meaning of life? Who’s my father? Am I gonna get sick? Does Tim Tebow really exist?

For centuries, people have turned to one man for life’s great mysteries — like Spencer Hawes averaging 15 points, 12 rebounds, and over two blocks per 36 minutes — and that man is … Philadelphia 76ers analyst Malik Rose?

If you’re not familiar with the Chappelle’s Show skit, that could’ve been construed as a really awkward comment by Rose and may or may not have caught his Emmy winner sidekick Marc Zumoff off guard a little bit. But if you caught it, then you likely enjoyed it as much as Sixers’ fans are enjoying their current little five game winning streak. 

I have a few questions for the Negro-damus. Malik Rose, why did Eric Snow fall asleep during a broadcast last year? Malik Rose, why do the Pistons suck so bad? Malik Rose, whatever happened to Geena Davis? 

H/T – Buzz on Broad