While Baylor and West Virgina were lighting the scoreboard and couches on fire in Morgantown this afternoon, Minnesota and Iowa were playing for the Floyd of Rosedale Trophy, a bronze statue in the shape of a pig (commemorating a bet made between the governors of the states over the game).  With Iowa well on their way to a victory in the 4th quarter and winning back the trophy, ESPN sideline reporter Lewis Johnson took it upon himself to conduct an interview with Floyd about being taken back to Iowa.  

That's right, Lewis Johnson interviewed a statue of a pig.  And he even included an awful "hammin" pun just for good measure.  If there were ever 51 seconds that proved the banality of sideline reporting, this is it.  No wonder the NFL on CBS did away with the concept altogether.

Part of me feels for Lewis Johnson having to soldier through this interview.  At least he tried to get a quote about the looming bacon crisis.  That's solid reporting.