It’s not quite a drunk Joe Namath telling Suzy Kolber he wanted to kiss her, but the below interaction between Lesley Visser of CBS and Ohio State head coach Thad Matta is quite unique.  Thad comes over for his halftime interview sweating buckets.  The sideline interview goes very much like all mundane sideline interviews until Lesley asks him about his extreme perspiration.  Thad jokingly responds “it’s hot in here” which leads Lesley to blurt out “you’re hot.”  

I’ll avoid the temptation to make any cruel jokes about Lesley Visser, and her, umm… dramatically changing apperance, but merely point you to the visuals from before, way before, and way before that.  Thad Matta may be a great coach, and even an inspirational figure who has overcome intense pain and physical handicaps the last several years and not let it keep him down… but I don’t think anyone is going to confuse him with George Clooney.



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