Whatever you think about Kevin Garnett the basketball player, the man certianly knows how to give an entertaining, if impossible to understand post-game interview.  And who else does KG make the most music with in these interviews than TNT’s dapper Craig Sager.  A while ago we showed you video of KG calling Craig Sager’s legendary outfits “B.S.” on national TV.  There was also this famous interview where KG told Sager to burn his entire suit until he was naked as the day he was born.  To tell the truth, in that case KG was probably right.

So, after a monumental comeback in Orlando Thursday night, it was only natural that KG would spout off with one of the more memorable interviews so far in 2012.  Surprisingly, KG actually tells Sager he looks good in his, relatively, conservative outfit.  But, in a typically rambling stream of consciousness, KG begins by talking about the “G.D.” bar fight he had just been through.  Perhaps after realizing the ridiculousness of asking Craig Sager about his experience in bar fights, KG accurately noted Charles Barkley has experience.  

A short discussion of the actual game was then followed by more KG randomness congratulating Ray Allen on the birth of his child, complimenting Sager, and telling his “Boo” to go to bed.  Yes, KG you were “all over the place”, and it was fun to watch.  Maybe there’ll soon be room for another larger-than-life personality on the Inside the NBA set someday.


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