kurkjian cal ripken

You know baseball season is rapidly approaching because ESPN has released Tim Kurkjian from his dungeon where he spends the offseason. I imagine a Tim Kurkjian offseason is spent nustled up with stacks of Baseball Almanacs while brainstorming comparisons between the 1929 Philadelphia Athletics and the 2002 Anaheim Angels.

I enjoy Kurkjian, I really do. He’s a guy that genuinely seems passionate about baseball and his job. He always seems to have talked to someone about something they are talking about on the air and usually has a biazarre stat that no one would ever imagine looking up or considering. Still, his behavior and nasally voice make him an easy target if you’re looking to mock someone on ESPN. Luckily for us, Blue Jays catcher J.P Arencibia has an outstanding Kurkjian impression which he showcased on Baseball Tonight.

Wow, Arencibia absolutely nailed that. I think I enjoy that one more than Dempster’s Harry Carray impression and whatever the heck it is Derek Holland does.

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