In spite of Sunday’s loss to the Thunder, the Chicago Bulls have been doing quite well without reigning MVP Derrick Rose in the lineup.  And, in spite of being much less hyped than the Miami Heat, they sit on top of the Eastern Conference standings by 3.5 games with the best record in the NBA.  Perhaps that’s why Joakim Noah was in such a good mood this weekend as evidenced by the video below.  As CSN Chicago’s Gail Fischer gives a report in the tunnel, she mentions the great play of the Bulls center in a victory over the Pistons as he happens to be walking right behind her.  Once Noah hears his name, he drops some very impressive dance moves in videobombing the report.  Noah’s performance really is Dancing With the Stars worthy.  It makes you wonder how he could look so awkward on the basketball court.  Maybe Joakim should shelve the gun dance indefinitely and go with interpretive dance for his next on-court celebration…

(via CSN Chicago)

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