Kentucky defeated Kansas 67-59 in the National Championship Game on Monday night in New Orleans.  The Wildcats dominated for most of the game and only the ghosts of Derrick Rose and Chris Douglas-Roberts even gave a shred of doubt in another Calipari choke job.  Alas, the Kentucky defense made the stops when necessary down the stretch and they made enough free throws to easily seal the victory.  With UK’s championship well in hand, attention then turned to the broadcast booth.  Surely, Jim Nantz would offer a prepared, pun-filled one-liner for Kentucky winning the national title, right?  Umm… not so much…


“And the Kentucky coronation is complete, champions 2012!”

That’s it?  Color me disappointed.  A punless championship call from Jim Nantz is a huge upset.  I mean, I guess there’s some aliteration there, but “Kentucky coronation complete” doesn’t exactly stir the imagination.  There were so many great options on the table with a UK win too.  Won and done.  Big Blue winning in the Big Easy.  Brow down.  Vacate this!  Perhaps Nantz wanted to scale back the punnery after all those dog references last year had more bark than bite.  (Lord, I apologize.)  With the Masters just a few days away, Nantz could also be saving his best stuff for Sunday at Augusta.  

Whatever the case, this toned down Jim Nantz championship one liner just left me feeling empty.  Like Jennifer Hudson singing One Shining Moment.  It just wasn’t the same.

(video via Run The Floor)

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