I know Lee Evans wasn’t much of a factor for the Ravens this year, but it’s pretty baffling that Jim Nantz confused the veteran with rookie Torrey Smith during yesterday’s AFC Championship game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots. Evans had what would have been a go-ahead touchdown catch knocked out of his hands in the game’s final mintue, and Nantz immediately identified him as Smith. Smith was the go-to target for Joe Flacco for a good part of this season, but there are a few differences between him and Evans. First off, Evans is much lighter skinned than Smith. Secondly, Evans’s hair is much shorter than Smith’s, who has dreadlocks flowing from underneath his helmet. Thirdly, Smith is #82, while Evans is #83. But then again, considering the circumstances of the situation, I can understand the flub. It just seemd a little off from Nantz, who’s usually right on the money.

As a Ravens fan, watching this clip multiple times to get the story typed up has made me ill. Excuse me while I weep into my Anquan Boldin jersey. It’s also worth noting that this is the second straight year where a veteran receiver has cost the Ravens a playoff game with a drop. Last year, it was former Bengals standout TJ Houshmandzadeh who dropped a pass in the divisional round on fourth down against the Pittsburgh Steelers as Flacco was attempting to lead a game-tying drive. Note to Ozzie Newsome: don’t go after a middling veteran wideout this offseason.

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