Jay Cutler is one of the most polarizing figures in sports.  Wether it's trying to decipher his toughness, his moodiness, his body language, his personal life, or his ability to be an elite quarterback, there has been no shortage of debate over Cutler.  Although, when you leave an NFC Championship Game due to a non-obvious injury, generaly seem like your sulking your way through life, and get a reality TV star pregnant, perhaps some controversy is bound to come your way.

Somehow though, this performance of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" at Wrigley Field over the weekend also has tongues wagging because of the typical disinterest shown by Cutler during his "riveting" performance.  Well, that and the fact that Cutler's performance ranks alongside Da Coach, Jeff Gordon, a possibly drunk Steve McMichael, and Ozzy Osbourne as one of the worst renditions since the passing of Harry Carry.  Here's the video proof courtesy of our friends at SportsGrid.

What's most intersting is that Cutler has seemingly been on an image enhancement tour this offseason.  The Bears QB has agreed to make a weekly appearance on Waddle & Silvy throughout the NFL season on ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago.  Cutler also has opened up slightly about his impending fatherhood and marriage.  However, it's videos like this that make you think some animals just can't change their stripes.   Maybe Cutler should have done more to research some of the better performances of the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley.  As long as Trent Dilfer doesn't start analyzing his singing mechanics in an arrogant tone though, perhaps Cutler will survive his latest "controversy."

(video via SportsGrid)