Earlier today, we shared the news that Skip Bayless was outed as a liar with regards to his mythical high school basketball career he foolishly touted on Twitter.  On today’s First Take, a mind-numbing debate took place that had Skip Bayless calling Thunder PG Russell Westbrook (the source of this discussion in the first place) his league MVP.  This turn-around came after weeks and months of Bayless destroying Westbrook’s play.  It’s amazing that someone of such integrity and someone who so steadfastly defends Tim Tebow would flip flop so quickly with the winds of change.

That discussion led to this delightful bit of schadenfreude where ESPN’s Jalen Rose shoved Skip’s lies in his face on his own autocratic television show…


“What were you, did you average 1.4 points as a senior in high school?”

“All of that Pistol Pete stuff? Water Pistol Pete Junior.”

This is as meek and uncomfortable and defeated as Skip Bayless has ever looked.  How convenient that Skippy says he would explain himself later in the show, but that never transpired.  Again, it’s more than likely First Take tries to sweep this under the rug and Bayless continues his march of destruction across common sense and intellectual honesty.  We can only hope anyone that has the misfortune to sit across from Skip Bayless repeats these assertions every day for every tiring debate until Skip explains himself or throws in the towel on his career as a marauding commentator.

Thank you Jalen Rose for finally giving us a First Take moment we can actually appreciate.

(Video via The Lost Ogle)

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