Movie star and Wrestlemania headliner Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stopped by SportsCenter for a live interview this morning with John Buccigross.  The Rock was there to promote his new movie Journey 2, which is released this weekend.  In addition to his movie career though, The Rock is stepping back into the squared circle to main event Wrestlemania 28 in his hometown of Miami against John “Cena Sucks” Cena.  I guess not everyone can have an awesome nickname like The Rock.  

Buccigross references one of The Rock’s millions (AND MILLIONS) of catchphrases by asking about his cooking and The Rock goes into a fancy BS answer.  In fact, he admits as such by casually saying “that’s bullshit” and laughing.  

The best part of this happening though is The Rock taking about 2.7 seconds before realizing that he in fact said “bullshit” live on SportsCenter.  The reaction of he and Buccigross is priceless…


On the ESPN Casual Swearing Scale, this still ranks behind both Jaws and Lee Corso.

[Twitvid via BeerMeABeer]

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