The investigation to find more information regarding perhaps the most interesting modern-day sports and social media mystery we’ve seen is still ongoing.  One aspect of the Sarah Phillips saga was her pushing others for involvement in her website,  Here’s the original report from John Koblin that addressed at Deadspin

By late July, Matt’s relationship with Phillips took another turn. She was in the process of starting her own website: The site would focus, in part, on betting. But there’d be another component to it.

“We’re looking for something humorous, cutting edge, shock value, etc,” she wrote to him in a message on Covers. “Think of South Park meets sports betting meets Celebrity Rehab meets Jerry Spring.”

On Aug. 3, Phillips told him in a Gchat conversation that he should work with her.

“My goal is to generate $1.2 million per year in advertising,” she wrote. was one of the centerpieces of Phillips’ questionable activity according to the Deadspin piece.  And, on the Covers message board, Sarah Phillips was promoting her website to fellow patrons.  You can see on the thread just how skeptical other posters were…

And now, we have found video thanks to @jeff1317 of what claims to be an intro video for the now defunct  The video features an anonymous, animated brunette woman talking about a website that will make you “laugh, cry, cringe, or vomit with real life stories submitted by you the viewer.”  It was created by a “SARAHJPHILLI” and uploaded to the video website Xtranormal.  The video speaks about a website that doesn’t so much focus on sports, but focuses on the nefarious activities of the internet and uncovering stories that might make TMZ blush.  The video ends with a not so pleasant sign off as well.  It’s another strange turn in one of the strangest stories you’ll ever see (NSFW)…

So many questions again from the video, especially the proposed content of, which doesn’t match at all what Phillips had talked about on the Covers board.  At least there’s one Jersey Shore reference, a common Phillips topic.  There’s another video uploaded by “SARAHJPHILLI” of an animated man that is also pretty vulgar, which you can see here if you really desire.  Both videos were created a few days before Phillips posted her message on the Covers board.  

There is no longer a, but the countdown to another site at the center of this story, Sports Comedy Network, has its countdown still going strong.

(H/T @jeff1317

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